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Hemp Production Services Logo

From Our Fields to Your Brand

Hemp Production Services (HPS)
is the largest Canadian owned hemp bulk wholesale supplier
and the largest exporter of Canadian hemp food products to Asian markets.

YEars of cumulative expertise
to Serve You Better


Why choose Us

The HPS ownership / management team is comprised of professional agronomists with over 75 years of cumulative expertise in industrial hemp breeding, hemp grain variety development and pedigreed seed replication, certified organic and conventional, dryland and irrigated hemp grain production management, and hemp bulk food ingredient processing.

Our History

HPS has a history of working closely with select farmers across Western Canada to grow some of the world’s most productive and highest quality hemp crops that facilitate the manufacturing of superior, yet competitively priced bulk hemp food ingredients.

HPS logo

What we Do

We provide a complete supply chain solution for sourcing hemp bulk food ingredients. You won’t find our label on the retail shelf, but our hemp ingredients will be in the leading brands. You can trust HPS to support your brand, and not compete with it!

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For the Hemp Food Manufacturer

Why choose Us?

COMPLETE SUPPLY CHAIN ManagementFor Your Growing Business

Hemp Production Services (HPS) offers a complete supply chain solution for sourcing hulled hempseed, hemp protein powders, toasted hempseed and hempseed oil bulk food ingredients for your brand. Our professionally managed group of experienced hemp farmers are the basis of our reliable, cost effective, and Top Quality Hemp Bulk Ingredients.

Why choose Us?

Top Quality Pedigreed SeedIt Starts in the Field with the Seed

Our quality starts in the field with solid agronomic advice. Our farmers use Top Quality Pedigreed Seed sourced from our sister company Hemp Genetics International. We work alongside our hemp farmers from seeding to harvest ensuring a top quality product that is processed into bulk hemp food ingredients.

Why choose Us?

Quality and Safety StandardsState of the Art Processing Facilities

Our processing facilities adhere to the Standards for Food Quality and Safety as per the following protocols; OU Kosher, Certified Organic by Pro-Cert Organic Systems LT. : Canada Organic Regime, USDA National Organic Program, European EEC Reg. 834/07 & 889/08. Food Safety: ISO 22000:2005, ISO 22002-1:2009 and additional FSSC 22000 Requirements. Non-GMO Project (verification in process), nut, dairy and gluten free.


Our Pledge: To conduct all business with honesty, integrity, transparency and fairness, with a view that all supply chain stakeholders including growers, customers, processors and distributors, are integral partners in our mutual long-term success. Customers can trust that our products will add value to their brands, knowing that the quality is superior, the pricing is competitive, and that HPS will never compete with their brand on the retail shelf.

Quality Wholesale Hemp Bulk Ingredients

For the Hemp Grower

Why choose Us?

Our MissionHemp Production Made Easy

Our Mission is to provide you with a comprehensive “turn key” hemp production support system, based on regional agronomic considerations customized to your farm operation.

Why choose Us?

AGronomic AdviceCustomized Agronomic Support

Agronomic Advice on all aspects of hemp grain production such as:

• Field and variety selection
• Seeding and fertility rates
• Disease, pest and weed management

• Harvest timing
• Combine settings
• Drying and storage
• Production contracting

Why choose Us?

Productivity and ProfitabilityBest Management Practices

We aim to maximize your Productivity and Profitability, and minimize your production risk through the implementation of our BMP’s (best management practices) and Professional Call Center support as required through the production cycle. Producers will benefit from midseason on site farm visits by an accredited agronomist, including a thorough review of BMP’s for harvest specific to their combine model and drying capacities on site.



Quality Assurance from Our Fields to Your Brand: Our farmers use Top Quality Pedigreed Seed sourced from our sister company Hemp Genetics International.

Quality starts in the field with Solid Agronomic Advice

HPS Team

Garry Meier, BSA, PAg


Kendra Meier, MSc, PAg

Chief Operating Officer 

1.844.HEMP.HPS or 1.844.436.7477 ext.107

Jeff Kostuik BGs, TAg, CCA

Director of Operations Central Canada, US and International

1.844.HEMP.HPS or 1.844.436.7477 ext.108
Cell 204.821.0522


Marc van Burck, CFA

Director of Global Business Development

1.844.HEMP.HPS or 1.844.436.7477 ext.114 

Veronika Smits 

Director of Quality Assurance 

1.844.HEMP.HPS or 1.844.436.7477 ext. 109

Anndrea Hermann, MSc, BGs, PAg

Director of Inside Sales

1.844.HEMP.HPS or 1.844.436.7477 ext. 102

Anna Owen, M.A

Sales Associate

1.844.HEMP.HPS or 1.844.436.7477 ext 110

Martin Neuhofer

Sales Associate

1.844.HEMP.HPS or 1.844.436.7477 ext 1131

Jennifer Soltys

Sales Associate

1.844.HEMP.HPS or 1.844.436.7477 ext 1133

Accounting Department

1.844.HEMP.HPS or 1.844.436.7477 ext 105

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Wholesale Bulk Hemp Products

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Wholesale Bulk Hulled Hempseed


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Wholesale Bulk Hempseed OilCold Pressed

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Wholesale Bulk ToaSted HempseedComing Soon

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Wholesale Bulk Hemp Powder 50%

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Wholesale Bulk Hemp Powder 33%

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Wholesale Bulk Hemp Powder 23%

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving Back

We believe in giving back both with our money and our time. Through our annual 5% pre-tax charitable donation, we support agriculture development projects that benefit food insecure smallholder farmers. Our team of agronomists also provide pro-bono technical advice to the development projects we directly support. The projects we fund are improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers by introducing improved farming practices and new legume crops which enhance soil fertility and food production. We understand that resilient food production systems begin with healthy soils that produce healthy food and healthy people. Some of the organizations we support include Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Mennonite Central Committee and Score Against Poverty. All of these organizations have an excellent track record of making a difference in people’s lives.